Male Enhancement Tips: Foods to Spice up Intimacy

Male Enhancement Foods

Male Enhancement Tips: Foods to Spice up Intimacy

 When one talks about male enhancement, you don’t immediately think of penis extenders penile exercises, penile surgeries, and other penile growth methods. Male enhancement should not be focused on the male organ alone. The sex organ is only one part of a man’s entire body system. Penis growth is not everything in a healthy sex life.

 Eating the right kind of food is as important as any penis growth method. In fact, any additional inch you gain from your penis growth regimen will be put to waste if you are eating the wrong foods. And when we talk about food as part of an overall male enhancement regimen, discussions will always lead to aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs are foods that are believed to promote arousal and boost one’s sex drive. They do this by influencing hormonal levels and brain chemistry.

The practice of eating certain foods to increase sex drive has been known to exist for centuries. Historical records show that men of ancient times seek help from certain herbs and other natural sources to improve their sex lives. They would combine these aphrodisiacs with other male enhancement methods and penis growth technique to complete their search for a satisfying sexual experience.

We have listed down six of the most common aphrodisiacs for you to try and include in your male enhancement regimen.


Those fleshy spears may look familiar, don’t they? The phallic appearance of asparagus bolsters it reputation as an aphrodisiac. Not only is this vegetable an excellent appetizer, asparagus is also a good source of folate, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6, nutrients that are known to boost orgasms and arousal, and stimulates sex drive not only in men but also in women. Your effort to achieve penis growth will surely be supplemented by this type of food.


In the Aztec language, avocado is called “ahuacatl,” the English translation of which is “testicle tree.” Their failure to pronounce the Aztec word forced Spanish explorers to call it by its present name. Avocados are a good source of minerals, Vitamin B6 and monounsaturated fats. Together these nutrients allows you to keep maintain your sex drive and stamina. Omega-3 fatty acids also abound in avocados. These fatty acids bolster your mood for intimacy. 

 Chili Peppers

If you think chili peppers’ purpose in life is to spice up your meal, you’re wrong. They also spice up your entire evening with your partner. Chilli peppers contain the chemical called capsaicin, which promotes the release of endorphins in the brain, resulting in a more euphoric experience in bed.

Dark Chocolate

When you give your woman dark chocolate, do you realize you are not only satisfying her sweet tooth? There are other more secret reasons some men give their women dark chocolate: it gets her into the mood for intimacy. The tryptophan content of chocolate helps in the production of serotonin, another feel-good chemical that promotes arousal. Dark chocolate also has phenylethylamine, another sexual stimulant.


The effects of progesterone and estrogen are mimicked by licorice. The two hormones promote normal sexual and reproductive reaction. Give licorice to your woman and be amazed by the results. And don’t settle for a candy that’s cheap. Select the type that has genuine licorice-root extract.


It’s more than just the slippery feel or that distinct taste that goes with oysters. It’s not even the fact that they bear strong resemblance to a particular part of a woman’s anatomy. What makes oysters a sexy food is its mineral zinc content, which promotes the production of testosterone. Testosterone helps regulate the sexual function of both men and women. Studies have proven that zinc boosts a man’s sexual potency, increase sperm production, and improves their ability to swim.

Now you will never look at these foods again.

male enhancement foods question by : What is the active ingredients that make Male Enhancement Pills work?
Also is there any foods or vitamins out there that will do the same thing?
Oh and y the way, I have tried Enzyte. The Smilin’ Bob stuff. It don’t make it bigger, but it deffinately makes you more alert.

male enhancement foods best answer:

Answer by R T
Gullibility is the active ingredient. The only thing those pills “enhance” is the seller’s bank account. You have what God gave you and there isn’t any way of making it larger.

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